Shipping Update

We're excited to announce an upgrade to our shipping services! Starting on Wednesday, November 15th, we will be partnering with Amazon Logistics for all our UK deliveries.

Enhanced Tracking: Every shipment will be fully tracked, so you can follow your order every step of the way.

Added Security: Enjoy peace of mind with £25.00 complimentary insurance coverage on every shipment.

Weekend Deliveries: Convenience at no extra cost—Saturday and Sunday deliveries are now included, ensuring customers get their orders, even on weekends.

Cost Reduction:  On packages over 200 grams a 65% reduction in shipping costs!

For full details and pricing please visit our shipping page

GiftFlow Products

New Products Available On SuperFast POD

In Mid January we will be retiring the Gift Flow portal and migrating over to our brand new SuperFast POD app. Our new Superfast Portal offers some incredible features and advantages such as direct ETSY integration with personalisation, full personalisation for Shopify stores, image gallery, product gallery, lots of new products and much much more. The portal is live now and you can use it if you wish but we will be keeping Gift Flow open until mid January so no changes over Christmas unless you wish to add new products which you will need to use SuperFast for those. Click here if you want to check out SuperFast POD 

Chocolates & Confectionary In Keepsake Tins

State Of The Art DTF Printed Apparel The Best Prints In The Business

Many Many More Unique Products All On SuperFast POD

DTF Printed Apparel

What Is DTF Printing?

All of our t-shirts and apparel are printed using the latest state of the DTF (Direct To Film) printing technology. 

This revolutionary technology combines the best of digital printing and the best of screen printing to deliver truly stunning vibrant images that rival retail screen printed products and eliminates the need for cold washing. 

DTF apparel can be hot washed multiple times without fear of colour or image fade.