About Gift Flow

About Gift Flow

We have over 20 years in the Industry. From humble beginnings in the USA to working with Global Brands, Top 10 UK retailers and an array of Artists & Designers alongside Online and Offline Retailers.

Over 20 years Industry Experience

It all started in Florida, USA, when we created a company called Tropical Graphics Inc. This company was focussed on producing high quality sublimation printed wall & floor tiles, the printed tiles were sold on-demand for home & commercial use.

To get the best results from this new to market sublimation technology, we set about creating and developing our own sublimation coatings and sublimation inks.

Tropical Graphics was later purchased by one of the industry’s leading companies and our product lines incorporated into their portfolio of products and services.

Our next major business was creating Marvelpress Ltd., a company focussed on customisation for high street retailers with print facilities based in the UK, and a global production support facility in the USA. Marvelpress pioneered the emerging printed phone case market after seeing its mass market potential with the recently released iPhone. We quickly grew Marvelpress into a £multi-million company which developed an impressive product range, supplying large volumes through major retail and global brand partners.

A short time later we opened Marvelpress (Supplies) and set about developing key sublimation machinery, systems, processes and consumables to power the sublimation industry.

Our Sublideck 3D Phone case imaging systems quickly became the standard for global fulfilment providers selling over 350 units globally, and turning Marvelpress (Supplies) ltd into a strong £multi-million operation.

Late in 2015 Marvelpress was sold to a major US corporation and we set about working on our next challenge. In early 2016, recognising the continual growth in Print On-Demand technology and the global personalisation market in general, we formed Sole Juice Limited. Our focus was on continuing our history of developing new technologies for core range and new product decoration.

Sole Juice Supplies launched the fastest phone case decoration technology in the world. The incredibly fast and reliable Sublideck 3D+, and the highly productive Sublideck 6, a machine capable of producing 6 HD phone cases from 90 seconds. During 2017 we sold 80 machines across the world further expanding out Sublideck Brand into new territories.

Due to high demand and given our incredible wealth of knowledge we launched our Gift Flow Print On-Demand Fulfilment Service. Gift Flow offer 100s of high quality giftware products ready to personalise with customer images, designs or logos, all fully On-Demand with No Minimum Orders.

Gift Flow customers simply send us orders by going online or by automatic connection, we then produce orders within 48 hours and ship directly to the end user in unbranded packaging anywhere in the world.

Gift Flow is the manufacturer and not a reseller; customers make maximum profits from their sales.

We will continue to lead the market in Sublimation Product Development & Print On-Demand Fulfilment and continually providing best in class customer service.

Our future plans will see us launch many additional ranges of 100% exclusive personalisation ready products, such as:

  • Expansion of our Textiles Range
  • Personalised Furniture
  • Yummy Printed Chocolates
  • Stunningly Good Footwear Products
  • Highly Desirable Leather Products & Accessories
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